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Youth Sports Organization Management Made Easy

Player Registration. Payment Processing. Manage Staff, Teams, Schedule, Fields, Documents, and Programs. Communicate well.

Player Registration
Allows players and parents to find and sign up for right programs. Minimal paperwork.
Payment Processing
Collect payments. Schedule payments with reminders and alerts. Powerful financial reports.
Staff Management
Manage coaches and other organization staff. Assign coaches to teams. Communicate.
Team Roster Management
Make teams. Set up team with roster, schedules, resources, messages... Let the team manage itself.
Schedule Management
Manage teams and fields schedules. Reminders. Communicate changes instantly.
Field Management
Schedule fields. Manage field procurement. Share fields with teams. Reminders.
Document Management
Track waivers and other required documents with reminders. Share and manage documents.
Program Management
Create and manage programs. Track and share programs. Allow to sign up for programs.
Emails. Online Messages. Mobile app notifications. Text messages. Facebook connect.

Manage your youth sports organization. Get it all under control with the help of Thapos.