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About Thapos

Thapos is an app for today’s modern athletes who are talented hardworking and passionate on sports. Thapos helps athletes to excel at sports, coaches to coach their players and manage their teams and everybody else to get connected with their team or athlete.

Thapos allows athletes to manage their athletic progress, profile, schedule, teams and athlete social network. Thapos allows coaches and parents help their athletes.

With Thapos athletes can test and monitor their athletic progress including match stats, game skills and fitness levels. With Thapos athletes, coaches and parents can manage their multi sport schedule including matches, practice and even homework all in one place. Thapos allows athletes to manage and control access to their sports profile which can be used to market them with college and professional coaches and scouts.

Thapos team app is the best free team management app available. Team app will help teams to communicate better and organize all their team data at one place and even to raise funds for the team.

Athletes can find drills for physical conditioning, game skill improvement and match performance improvement in the sports library. Athletes can also find information related to health, nutrition, training, ... in the sports library.

Thapos local sports allows users to find and connect with local sports clubs, high schools, colleges and professional sports clubs. Local sports also allows to find and connect with local players, coaches, teams and referees. Thapos local sports connects athletes, coaches, teams and sports organizations so that athletes can train and play, coaches can coach and sports organizations can facilitate and organize the game.

Thapos is dream come true for coaches and parents who want to help their athletes to get better at their sports. Thapos is where athletes live to realize their dreams.

For all athletes, our message is "You can be best of the best, only if you try your best. Just do it. The rest will fall into place". Thapos truly believes in this message and facilitates at it's best so that member athletes can realize their dreams.