Multiple sports programs
Multiple sports programs
Organization Name - Enter the name of your organization
Primary Sport - Select the organization primary sport
Contact Name - Enter the name of the organization owner
Phone Number - Enter the organization phone/mobile number
Email Address - Enter your organization mail address
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Logo -Organization Logo (Update Your logo)
Contact Us - Phone , Email , Mailing Address
Sitemap - text page - with links all other pages and / subject link an index
Home Page - Front page of the website
Programs - You can create yours own programs
Fields - Add organization fields for organizing practice/match/event
Teams - You can create own teams with players and staff
Schedule List - You can create and check your schedules as a list
Schedule Calendar - You can create and view your schedules on your calendar
Staff Members - You can add members as a staff in our team/clubs
Gallery - upload your organization/league/team pictures
Board of Directors - Provide the details of your organization/business partners
Latest News - upload any important data to announce members as a news
Links - Links to/integration with social media
Documents - Add various documents as files
Announcements - Post the latest organization/team announcements on the website
Messages - you can send message to your members
Blog Posts - you can manage your blog posts from here
Articles - SEO - friendly articles creation and submission
Stories - Create your organization/league/team success stories and post them on the website
Social Networks - site submission and links on social networks
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All Registrations - View & manage the list of athletes registered for the organization programs
Registration Status - Define start & end date for online registrations
Programs - Add/create new programs and post them on the organization website
Documents - Add supporting documents for programs, waivers, registration guidelines, etc. and display them on the organization website
Custom Fields - Define your own customised fields that can added to the organization programs
Member Orders - View & manage the list of items ordered by athletes & staff members
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Update Payments - Update the payment transactions
Payment Reports - Generate a detailed list of all payments received
Payment Transactions - View the details of online payment transactions
Unsettled Transactions - View the details of unsettled/unclear online payment transactions
Unpaid Registrations - View the details of pending payments
Advance sports reports
Documents - Add various documents as files
Gallery - upload your organization/league/team pictures
Tools - Upload games & athletes to your organization
sports field management
Main Settings - Configure privacy , visual settings , communication , social media and league
Access Profile - Manage permissions to the organization staff members
Payment Processing - Configure online payment gateways
Integrations - Integrate third-party tools for promoting organization events & online surveys
Tools - Upload games & athletes in bulk and import teams to your organization