Height: 6 Foot
(as of Feb 16 2014)
Age: 35
St. Joseph's College, Colombo
Right Hand Batsman. Right Hand Fast Medium Bowler. Captain for Srilanka Internation Cricket Team for Tests and ODI's.
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Present captain of Srilanka Test and ODI sides.I had my formal education in St. Joseph's College, Colombo. Born in Colombo, to Tamil father Tyronne Mathews and Burgher Sinhalese mother Monica I captained the Sri Lankan cricket team in the 2006 U-19 Cricket World Cup in Sri Lanka.

I made my international debut in a One Day International against Zimbabwe in November 2008.

In the Indian Premier League, I originally played for the Kolkata Knight Riders team. In the fourth season of the Indian Premier League, I was contracted by Sahara Pune Warriors for US$950,000.

In November 2010, he was named 'Personality of the Year' by Living Magazine in Sri Lanka.

After Kumar Sangakkara stepped set down as captain following the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, Mathews was widely tipped to be Sri Lanka's next captain.

Teams: Sri Lanka (Test: 2009-2013/14); Sri Lanka (ODI: 2008/09-2013/14); Sri Lanka (World Cup: 2010/11); Sri Lanka (Int Twenty20: 2009-2013/14); Sri Lanka (Twenty20 World Cup: 2009-2012/13); Colts Cricket Club (Main FC: 2006/07-2012/13); Basnahira North(Main FC: 2008/09); Colts Cricket Club (Main ListA: 2006/07-2013/14); Basnahira North (Main ListA: 2009/10); Basnahira (Main ListA: 2010/11); Colts Cricket Club(Main Twenty20: 2006/07); Basnahira North (Main Twenty20: 2007/08-2009/10);Nagenahira Nagas (Main Twenty20: 2012); Basnahira (Main Twenty20: 2013); Sri Lanka A (Other FC: 2008/09); Sri Lankans (Other FC: 2008/09-2011/12); Sri Lanka(Other FC: 2009-2013/14); Sri Lanka Board XI (Other FC: 2011-2013/14); Sri Lanka Under-23s (Other ListA: 2005/06); Sri Lanka A (Other ListA: 2008/09); Sri Lanka(Other ListA: 2008/09-2013/14); Sri Lankans (Other ListA: 2010/11-2011); Brothers Union (Other ListA: 2013/14); Sri Lanka Board XI (Other ListA: 2013/14); Kolkata Knight Riders (Indian Premier League: 2009-2009/10); Pune Warriors (Indian Premier League: 2012-2013); Kolkata Knight Riders (Other Twenty20: 2009-2009/10); Sri Lanka (Other Twenty20: 2009-2013/14); Combined Provinces (Other Twenty20: 2011);Pune Warriors (Other Twenty20: 2012-2013); Sri Lanka Under-19s (Under-19 Test: 2004/05-2005); Sri Lanka Under-19s (Under-19 ODI: 2003-2005/06); Sri Lanka Under-19s (Under-19 two innings: 2004/05-2005); Sri Lanka Under-19s (Under-19 limited overs: 2003-2005/06); 

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