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Wrestling drills and Wrestling workouts for athletes to improve their Wrestling skills.

Wrestling Drills - Wrestling Workouts

Workitem Name Improvement Area Equipment Needed Muscle Groups Affected Need Partner Summary
Bear Walk Agility Shoulder - Deltoids, Traps... No To strengthen the muscles in the shoulders, arms, hips, and legs.
Bridging Speed No To increase the range of motion in the shoulders and neck while adding to the stamina of the muscles
Duck Walk Endurance/Stamina Hamstring - Back of Thigh, Upper Back, Buttocks - Gluteals... No To help in building strong ankle muscles and it increases ankle strength, stamina and increase flexibility of the body.
Dumbbell Pullovers Strength Dumbbell Shoulder - Deltoids, Traps... No To improve upper body strength and to increase the strength of the chest and the back muscles.
Handstand Push-Ups Speed No To increase the strength of the shoulders and triceps.
Hip Heisting Balance/Stability Yoga Mat Yes To practice moving the hips up and away from the top wrestler.
Jump Squats Strength Yoga Mat Calves, Hamstring - Back of Thigh, Buttocks - Gluteals... No To improve the agility and power, and to increase an athletes vertical jump.
Jumping Lunges Strength Yoga Mat Calves, Hamstring - Back of Thigh No To increase your cardiovascular strength, it also helps to develop and improve lower body strength and power, as well as increase dynamic stability and coordination.
Kangaroos Flexibility Yes To strengthen the legs and add endurance to the thigh and calf muscles.
Plank Strength Upper Back, Lower Back, Shoulder - Deltoids, Traps... No A plank is a full body workout, plank helps to build your core, lower and upper body strength.
Stand and Single Balance/Stability Yes To practice a single-leg takedown against an opponent who hits a clean stand-up
Tennis Ball Drop Quickness/Reaction Time No To increase the quickness and to improves change of direction, enhances reaction time.