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To increase the range of motion in the shoulders and neck while adding to the stamina of the muscles
This drill will improves your Speed.

Bridging drill emphasizes that getting pinned is a wrestler's worst insult. Even a champion can find himself suddenly caught on his back. If it does happen, all wrestlers need to know how to get off their backs quickly and into a better position to escape.

Bridging effectively and bridging to a hip heist are crucial skills for a successful wrestler. It may seem unfortunate to have to teach this skill, but this drill must be done often, preferably daily. 

Wrestlers begin on their backs and place the crown of their heads on the mat. Using the neck muscles, they then bridge off the mat, slide one elbow underneath them, go to a tripod position, and circle up to their feet. The three points being the two feet and the hands, which are positioned together on the mat.

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