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Jumping Lunges

To increase your cardiovascular strength, it also helps to develop and improve lower body strength and power, as well as increase dynamic stability and coordination.
The following equipment is needed to perform this drill.

Yoga Mat
This drill will improves your Strength. The muscle groups affected are Calves , Hamstring - Back of Thigh

Jumping Lunge is also considered a jumping split lunge. Jumping Lunge is an intense move that increases the burn and tones of your calves, too. Advanced variation of a lunge exercise bumps up the intensity by adding a plyometric transition. When you do it correctly, you will target the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves. You will also engage the muscles that stabilize the core and hips, those that are used for rotational movements and even improve ankle stability.

Lunge Jump will give a great overall blast to the legs, hips and core. You can see below how to do jump lunges.

Stance: Lunge position with one foot in front and one foot behind, hips lowered into a squat. 

Steps To Follow: 

  1. Begin with normal lunge, with front leg at a 90 degree angle in the squat position and back leg behind you.
  2. Squat body explosively up into a jump.
  3. Replace your feet in the air, moving back leg in front, and front leg in back.
  4. Go straight into lunge with opposite legs.
  5. Keep chest and torso upright and engaged throughout entire movement.
  6. Do three sets of 20 or modify the number specifically to your workout.

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