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Speed Drills, Speed Workouts & Drills for Athletes

Speed Drills - Speed Workouts

Drill Name Equipment Needed Muscle Groups Affected Sport Need Partner Summary
A March walk Buttocks - Gluteals... No Increase foot speed.
Bounding No helps with hip and flexibility extension.Improves ankle muscles and leg power.
Bridging Wrestling No To increase the range of motion in the shoulders and neck while adding to the stamina of the muscles
Butt Kickers Hamstring - Back of Thigh, Quadriceps - Front of Thigh, Buttocks - Gluteals... No Butt kickers improves speed.
Falling Starts No Improve quick leg turnover at start and teach the right type of acceleration lean
Galloping No Promotes good hip projection
Handstand Push-Ups Wrestling No To increase the strength of the shoulders and triceps.
Heel Walks No Prevent shin splits
High Knees No helps the thigh
Ladder Speed Run No Enhance timing and stride frequency
Partner resistance starts Yes to increase power and the stride length
Skip for distance No Increase hip power and stride length
Skip for Height No Increase hip extension
Split-Squat Jumps No It will help your hip power and stride length.
Stadium stairs No Helps starting power and stride length
Toe Walks No Prevent shin splints
Wall Drills No To improve muscle stiffness at ankle complex and to get better in flexible strength of the lower body.