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Backboard Rally Test Basic (Tennis)

Backboard rally test measures the ability to rally in Tennis. The rally may consists of any type of stroke. Basically you rally with the wall and measure the score as described below.


  1. On the wall mark a straight line 3 feet above ground (Same as minimum height of tennis net) 
  2. Mark a straight line parallel to the wall 20 feet from the wall


  1. Start the stop watch for 1 minute
  2. Stand behind the 20 feet line and hit the ball towards the wall (you can also serve the ball).
  3. Stay behind the 20 feet line and return the ball on first bounce to hit the wall above the 3 feet line.
  4. Continue the rally for 1 minute by staying behind the 20 feet line and hitting wall above 3 feet line.
  5. If the ball goes away, use another ball as quickly as possible.


Add one point to the score when

  1. The ball hits wall above 3 feet line and 
  2. The ball is returned on first bounce only and
  3. The ball is hit from behind the 20 feet line

Calculate total score in 1 minute. You can use as many balls as you need. The first hit in a rally will not count.




Please leave your comments about this skill test.

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