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Trunk Rotation Test (All Sports)

Trunk Rotation Test improves your flexibility and measure your stats.
Equipment Needed
Measuring Tape

The purpose of the Trunk Rotation Test is to measure trunk and shoulder flexibility. The trunk rotation helps you prevent injuries and is particularly important for sports like swimming, racquet sports and throwing sports.You can improve your trunk flexibility with seated torso twists and standing dynamic torso twists. Improve shoulder flexibility with anterior and posterior shoulder stretches and dynamic arm circles.

 A ruler is used to measure the distance between the line and the piont of touch by the finger on the wall.

Mark Vertical line on the wall and stand with your back to the wall directly in front of the line.
Stand about arms length away from the wall with your feet about shoulder width apart.
Extend your arms out in front of you. Your arms extended and parallel to the floor.

Now twist your torso to your right and the touch the wall with your fingertips. You can turn your shoulders, hips and knees. Your feet should not move.

Now mark the position where your fingertips touches the wall. Measure the distance from the line.
Now came back to step 3

Repeat for the left side and take the average of the 2 scores.

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