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Reaction Time Ruler Test (All Sports)

Perform the Reaction Time Ruler Test to monitor the reaction time of an athlete.

Reaction speed plays an important role in an athlete's life. Quickest reaction times will produce big rewards. For example saving a blistering soccer ball from entering the goal. Slow reaction times come with consequences. Indirectly it tests the eye sight of an athlete.

Equipment required:  A meter ruler and an assistant.

The ruler is to be held by the assistant between the outstretched index finger and thumb of the athlete's dominant hand, so that the top of the athlete's thumb is at level with the zero centimeter line on the ruler.
Ask your assistant to release the ruler.

Once he releases the ruler you can catch the ruler between your index finger and thumb as quick as possible.

Now measure the distance between bottom of the ruler and the top your thumb where the ruler has been caught.
Repeat the test for three times and measure the average value.

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