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Stork Balance Stand Test - Strong Foot (All Sports)

Total time you can stand on your weak foot with out moving and touching any thing.
Equipment Needed

Balance is a key skill for many athletes. Balance is necessary component of agility. Athletes who run or jump as a part of their sport should have better balance, then the better you will perform, and fewer injuries will occur. Standing Stork Test is considered one of the best ways to assess this. Stork Balance Stand Test monitors the development of the athlete's ability to maintain a state of balance in a static position.


Stand on your feet and keep your hands on hips.
Now lift your right leg and place the sole of the right foot against side of the knee cap.

Raise your heel from the floor so you are balancing on the ball of your foot.
Ask your assistant to start timing as soon as your heel is of the floor. Let him stop the clock as you touch the floor.
Take few mins rest and repeat same steps with your left leg.

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