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Straight Leg Raise (All Sports)

Straight Leg Raise

The subject lies supine on a flat bench. At least two testers are required, one to raise the leg while the other takes a measurement with the goniometer. The tester moving the leg places one hand on the front of the leg slightly below the knee, and the other hand at the heel. The leg is forced into full extension prior to lifting the leg and kept in full extension (without the pelvis lifting off the bench) throughout the movement. The straight leg is raised as far as possible. At the point of maximum stretch, measure the angle of displacement of the leg from the horizontal. The fulcrum of the goniometer is held over the greater trochanter of the leg being tested, while the moving arm is aligned with the midline of the femur, using the lateral epicondyle as a reference point. Two separate trials are performed with the mean of the two recorded as the hip flexion score. The procedure is repeated for both legs

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