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Illinois Agility Test (All Sports)

Illinois Agility Test is monitor the development of your agility.
Equipment Needed

Agility is a very crucial component for any athlete. The Illinois Agility test assesses an athletes speed and athletic ability. The test is an electronically timed test and requires maximum speed and effort from the athlete to negotiate several cones. Many sports demand agility, the ability to change direction at speed, from an athlete. In sports like rugby, tennis, soccer, basketball, the athlete who is under control while moving at speed will have an advantage. The Illinois Agility Run Test monitors the development of this key skill.

Tips to complete the test:

  1. You should aim to get to your feet as quickly as possible to reduce time lost in getting to your feet.
  2. Run as quickly as you can between straight points, saving time for the weaving element.
  3. This is a dynamic test and takes less than 20 seconds, so don't conserve energy. Give it everything you have got from start to finish.
  4. Make sure you touch or put your foot over the lines at the top end of the course and stay well clear of the cones when weaving.
  5. Don't slow down before the end timing gates, continue to sprint through the gates.
  6. Take help of assistant to record the timings.
  7. Athletes who fail to touch a line, miss, knock or touch a cone will be stopped from completing the test.
Setup a track as show on below diagram with help of cones.

Now face down and lie on the floor at Starting point.
Now you getup as quickly as possible and runs around the course in the direction indicated, without knocking the cones over.
Record the time to reach from Start position to Finish Position.

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