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Standing Long Jump (All Sports)

Standing long jump is a test of lower body's explosive performance.
Equipment Needed
Measuring Tape

The strength of legs play an important role for an athlete in major sports.Standing Long Jump test is an effective way to measure this development in athletes.Standing long jump is used to test lower body's explosive performance. Before going to the test,the measurement is taken from take-off line to the nearest point of contact on the landing. Measure the longest distance jumped and it can be best of three attempts.While performing make sure that the take-off line should be very clear. Just for warm-up, perform several trial jumps at less-than-maximal effort. 


Stand behind the edge of the sandpit with your feet.

Now crouch down your body.

Now using with your arms and legs jump horizontally as far as you can.



Now land with both feet into the land-pit.

Take the test for three times. Measure and recordbest the distance.

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