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Squats (All Sports)

Squats are an excellent exercise for training the lower body and core muscles.

A squat is often called the king of all exercises.Squats are lower body exercises that work on the hips, glutes, quads, and hamstrings. They sneakily strengthen the core.They are the cheapest exercises. If you squat regularly,they help you define thighs and buttocks. You can do squats anywhere using your own body weight. Squats improve circulation, posture, digestion, strength, flexibility and endurance.

Squatting is a fundamental human movement pattern that involves nearly every muscle in the body.Proper Squat form is key to avoid knee and back pain. Squats are excellent for building strength, power and mobility. Full squats can help counteract many of the chronic musculoskeletal problems we face today, such as weak glutes, hunched back, weak torso.

Stand stright with feet hip-width apart

Tighten your stomach muscles.
Lower down, as if sitting

Strighten your legs. Repeat the movements.

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