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Compare Athletes of Popular Sports


Sports have occupied an important place in American culture, more so, in the past century. American games have occupied a prominent place amongst the most popular and preferred sports world over. Statistics indicate huge number of Americans either participating in or following one sports type or the other.

Football and Basketball are popular American sports having their reach worldwide. The likes also include Soccer, the NBA followed by popularity of baseball and ice hockey.

While people love to play American sports globally, it is very controversial to determine which sport is the most difficult or which sports players are the most athletic. Athletes of different sports have diverse traits and physical attributes like endurance, power, speed, agility, flexibility, durability, strength, hand-eye coordination etc.

Let us have a comparative look at athlete qualities in different famous American sports.

Soccer Athletes

Soccer is one of the most attractive sports with almost 265 million global participants wanting to get in the game. As a soccer player, you do not require great height or muscular strength to get selected for soccer.

Height and Built

European soccer league players are approximately about 5 ft. and 11 inches in height. The goalkeepers tend to be taller. Most players have lean, muscular, and fat-free physiques. Popular players like Lionel Messi with small stature are more agile than their taller counterparts like Rio Ferdinand of Manchester United League (6 ft. and 3 inches).


Remaining fit and agile is the key to being a successful soccer player. Winning a soccer game depends on their agility and speed, needed to make lightning changes of direction while playing a match. Lionel Messi’s power-packed delivery is proof of his superior athletic  agility.

American Football Athletes


American football requires skills and dexterity to prevent the opponent’s ball to moving towards the goal. The AFL athletes require immense power to throw the ball, knock other players down, and kick the ball away from the goal.

Passing the Ball

Ball passing from across the players and continuous movement of the ball needs accuracy and vigilance at the same time. Due to larger size of the ball as compared to most other sports, the American Football athletes need more muscle power to pass the ball.


Blocking the opponent means protecting your teammate from an opponent. This needs expertise and the athlete needs to smartly prevent the opponent to slip past him.


In football, being in the receiver position, there is immense need of ability to catch. The athlete needs to avoid the opponent trying to intercept the ball.


Basketball Athletes 

 A game of basketball has numerous different gaming positions that allow players with different body shapes and performance skills to work together in coalition. Winning matches depends on the athletes’ speed and agility.


Speed is crucial for a basketball player. Whether to execute the ball towards the basket or taking down an opponent; everything depends on speed. The games with jerky start-stop movements require varying speed quality to change directions within seconds.


Application of speed in a basketball game is very essential to outrun an opponent or pass through an offensive attack line. Agility is paramount in addition to your speeding skills, to be able to apply it in any direction with short restricted strides.

Baseball Players

 This is a game requiring advanced skills and a competitive athletic spirit. Along with skill, you also need to work out and practice hard. Players with better eye to hand co-ordination can do extremely well.

Hitting and Fielding

Top players such as Hank Aaron are hard and accurate hitters, who can actually get the ball on that side of the fence. Perfect timing, great hand to eye co-ordination and self-confidence can do wonders. Players should be aggressive, athletic with control over their timing and co-ordinate with teammates.






Ice Hockey Players

Players with strong resilient body types have maximum chance to handle the puck and possess it. Ice hockey athletes are quite well known for their tough physical structure, skating prowess and battling with injuries.

Body Type

Players should focus on their aerobic fitness to play ice hockey. Athletes with high body fat percentage may not be able to deliver good performance, which requires top energy levels while playing on ice cold conditions.


Muscular lean physiques score points in this game. In fact puny players are known to be much quicker and successful in ice hockey; for example the legendary Yvan Cournoyer who has scored over 420 goals during his time.


Since the 90’s decade, bigger goalies with large frames are more in demand. They can cover the net effectively with their bulk, and most players with practice, speed and technique play extremely well. This gives them superiority over smaller goalies.



American games and American players are popular throughout the world. Comparing their athletic fitness qualities in lieu to their sports is natural. While each game is unique, comparison between the games and their athletes is bound to happen amongst sports lovers.


  1. Ice Hockey is played with how many players in each team?
     9  11  6  12
  2. FIFA Women’s World Cup was commenced in?
     1931   1952  1920  1944
  3. There are 5 players in a team for which sport?
     Soccer  Baseball   Football  Basketball
  4. Who is the three-time FIFA player of the year who is highly paid?
     Cristiano Ronaldo  Lebron James  Roger Federer   Kevin Durant
  5. There are 9 fielding positions in which sport?
     Baseball  Soccer  Basketball  Football


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