Welcome to the WHSL's 2010 Season

Only ten weeks to go until Opening Day!

The 2010 season starts on April 11. No Jewish Holidays affect Sunday morning softball this year, so the schedule will run straight through with no interruptions. 

The league managers voted on a new alignment for the league this year. We're going to a two-division format. The "A" Division will contain the top 8 teams based on 2009 regular-season standings. "B" Division gets everybody else. 

Two teams will be relegated from A to B after each season, and 2 teams will get promoted from B to A. Even beyond playoff seeding, this gives every team an extra incentive to play hard until the end of the regular season.

A Division will play a 14-game schedule, home and home with each other A team. 

B Division teams will play one game against each of the 8 other B teams (Rye has dropped out of the league), then five games against those teams closest to them in last year's standings. The more competitive B teams play a second game against each other, and the less competitive B teams play a second game against each other. The 2 teams at the bottom of the B division standings will have a play-in game to determine who gets the #8 seed in the B division playoffs.

A and B divisions will then each hold a separate single-elimination playoff. We will crown one WHSL champion for each division.

The managers also voted to clarify the league's bat rule: Every bat must have an ASA 2004 label on it. So no more using an ancient bat just because it was "pre-2004." There are four bats that have the ASA 2004 logo but were later deemed disqualified. Those disqualified bats are not allowed in our league. The WHSL home page contains a link in the upper-left-hand corner to the ASA's non-approved bats.

One other vote was taken -- to make July 4th weekend a "bye" week on which we will hold a WHSL All-Star Game! Each team will send 2 players to the game. We hope the All-Star Game can also be a WHSL family day, so we'll hold the game at a field with a playground and barbecue so our wives and kids can enjoy the festivities as well. 

See you soon on the field.