B'nai Versus Larchmont for the 2017 Title

B'nai and Larchmont will play in the WHSL Championship Series next Sunday, October 8, at Flowers (City) Park in New Rochelle.

B'nai is now 20-0 on the season, and they return to the finals after a one-year hiatus. B'nai also reached the finals in 2013 and 2011, when they beat WJC for the championship. This may be the strongest team B'nai's ever fielded, and they may have saved their best for last: B'nai has allowed just one run total in four playoff games, and they shut out WJC in consecutive semifinal games.

Larchmont is looking to repeat as champs, having defeated Chappaqua in last year's finals and this year's semis. It's no secret that Larchmont turns into a different team for the playoffs, distilling its lineup to the very best of its deep roster.

In the ten years this website's been active, Larchmont and B'nai have never met to decide the championship. This should be a great matchup. Hope to see many of you there.